UKOOG response to Shale Gas Task Force second interim report

15 July 2015

UKOOG, the representative body of the onshore oil and gas industry, welcomes the publication today of The Task Force on Shale Gas' Second Interim Report - Assessing the Impact on the Local Environment and Health. The report clearly undertakes to make a relevant contribution to creating understanding among the general public of the hazards, risks and mitigation required with respect to shale gas extraction and clearly sets out that the mere identification of a hazard does not mean there is a risk and that if there is a risk it does not mean it cannot be mitigated.

A number of recommendations centre around practises that already are either common place in the sector or the industry has already committed to. These include 3D seismic modelling, full chemical disclosure, the use of green completions at production to reduce fugitive emissions, establishing robust and transparent environmental baselines and continuing to monitor sites throughout operation and post decommissioning, in-line with the environmental regulators' rules on the relinquishment of permits. A number of other recommendations are also made which the industry and government will need to take consideration of in due course.

Ken Cronin CEO stated "I was pleased that the report highlighted a number of areas that we have already considered and have taken action on. The tone of the report is geared towards creating a better understanding of hazard and risk which I think will be invaluable for those coming to this subject for the first time. I was particularly pleased to note that the Task Force is satisfied that the risk levels associated with public health hazards are acceptable provided that the well is properly drilled, protected, monitored and regulated."


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