The Economic Benefits of UK Gas
December 2017

Last month, we explained in a short video how shale gas can help bring down the UK's import dependency, cutting emissions and helping our environment in the process. This month, we want to show you what shale gas can do for our economy. Creating 64,000 jobs, creating a new much-needed stream of UK tax revenue and boosting our communities with direct local investment, we should all back our onshore oil and gas industry.



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 The Environmental Benefits of UK Gas
November 2017

In 2035 it is estimated that we'll be importing around 80% of the gas we rely on here in the UK to heat our homes, power our businesses and provide vital feedstocks to our industries. But did you know that imported gas has a higher carbon footprint than UK onshore gas?

Here's a short explainer on just how much of a positive difference UK gas could make to global emissions:


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