Community Engagement Charter


As the potential for shale gas to help in the UK’s energy challenge is recognised, we are committed to having an open dialogue with the public. This will be vital for both the industry to understand specific communities’ needs and help people understand the process.

In June 2013 United Kingdom Onshore Oil and Gas launched a “Shale Community Engagement Charter”, which outlines the steps the industry will take to address concerns around safety, noise, dust, truck movements and other environmental issues.

Our aim is to foster open and transparent communications between industry, stakeholder groups and the communities in which we operate.

The Charter covers how operators will communicate and engage and also makes commitments in all the key areas of concern including local logistics, health and safety, compliance with environmental regulation and jobs.

We are conscious that our members’ employees live and work in areas in which they operate so the strength of the relationships with local residents is vital. In all areas, operators work with local people through Community Liaison Groups to ensure activities are understood and lead to benefits for all.

UKOOG will be working with an independent and experienced organisation to ensure that communities receive all the information they require and are fully engaged throughout the distribution of benefits process.


Community Engagement Charter

For more information click here to see our fact sheet on Community Engagement