Benefits of Onshore Oil and Gas


benefitsAs the body which represents the UK onshore oil and gas industry, UKOOG and its members are committed to being the best possible neighbour it can be in the communities where it operates. Both operators and the industry as a whole want these communities to have a share in the benefits of the energy deposits in their area. Last year, the details of the industry-led initiative outlining these community benefits were announced.

Below are the key elements of the benefits scheme, which all UKOOG’s members have signed up to.

  • UKOOG has published a Community Engagement Charter, which sets out the industry’s commitment to consult openly and honestly with local communities at all stages, including in advance of planning permission applications; 
  • £100,000 per site will be paid to the local community situated near to each exploratory (hydraulically fractured, or 'fracked') well site. This will be paid by the operator, regardless of whether or not recoverable deposits are found;
  • 1% of production revenues will be paid to communities during the production stage, before the operator has accounted for their costs;
  • Each year, operators will publish evidence detailing how the commitments within the community benefits package are being met;
  • Our members have committed to reviewing the community benefits agreement as the industry develops in the coming years and pledged to consult further with local communities on an ongoing basis.


Community Engagement Charter

For more information click here to see our fact sheet on Community Engagement



Community benefit per site for an exploratory, hydraulically fractured well site



Amount of production revenues which will go to communities should the site enter the production stage