UKOOG response to reintroduction of moratorium
UKOOG calls out Labour hypocrisy on fracking
UKOOG welcomes Written Ministerial Statement
UKOOG welcomes Government decision to lift moratorium on fracking in England
UKOOG responds to Climate Change Committee and National Infrastructure Commission
UKOOG comment on OFGEM October price increase
UKOOG Comment on Guardian Article
UKOOG welcomes Free Market Forum Report
UKOOG calls on UK Government to adopt consistency in planning decisions considering the need for energy security
New Poll: Money off energy bills increases support for shale as pensioners cut spending to cover energy costs
UKOOG responds to the UK Government's British energy security strategy
UKOOG statement on the much-needed fracking review
MPs and industry call for immediate end to fracking ban
Response to the CCC's letter on the compatibility of new O&G fields
UKOOG comments on Ofgem's decision to hike the price cap by 54%
UKOOG responds to the CCC’s latest progress report to Parliament on reducing UK emissions
Briefing Note: UK shale gas production as part of the Climate Change Committee's (CCC) net zero scenario
UKOOG response to the Climate Change Committee’s assessment on the compatibility of onshore oil and gas with the UK’s net zero target
UKOOG reaction to the Energy White Paper
UKOOG welcomes the continued recognition of the benefits of indigenous oil and gas production in the CCC’s Sixth Carbon Budget
Statement regarding the announced Government moratorium on fracking
An open letter to Henry Smith MP following his piece in today's Telegraph
Statement on the micro-seismic events in Lancashire yesterday
UKOOG responds to the Nottingham shale gas resource "research"
Cuadrilla begin fracking their second well as BEIS reiterate support for shale
UKOOG responds to Howarth's atmospheric methane research
Labour can't have it both ways - we either offshore our emissions or back UK industry
Our statement on legislating for net zero
UKOOG signs the UK Steel Charter
Our response to the CCC's Net Zero report
Response to Labour's emissions claims
New: shale gas forecasts updated for 2019
UKOOG welcomes encouraging results from Preston New Road
UKOOG response to INEOS statement on the Government's energy policy
UKOOG response to Andy Burnham's claim that he will "ban" fracking
Our response to the Channel 4 segment on gas extraction in the Netherlands
Environment Agency report on Cuadrilla's waste permitting
INEOS Shale win Bramleymoor Lane planning appeal
Cuadrilla granted hydraulic fracturing consent
UKOOG responds to HCLG select committee report on hydraulic fracturing local planning
UKOOG welcomes Written Ministerial Statement on Shale Gas
UK gas supply failure highlights worrying over-reliance on imports
UKOOG responds to UK gas supply failure
UK Onshore Oil and Gas responds to Mayor of London Sadiq Khan’s comments about fracking
UKOOG response to the Clean Growth Strategy
UKOOG respond to Scottish Government announcement that they will move to ban fracking
First Community Payment under UKOOG Shale Community Engagement Charter
UKOOG comments on the closure of the Rough storage facility
Response to the Ferret/38 Degrees ‘investigation’
UKOOG welcomes the Conservatives’ renewed commitment to natural gas from shale
LibDem manifesto pledge to oppose fracking “a reversal” says UKOOG
UK Onshore Oil and Gas industry rejects Labour Party manifesto pledge to "ban" fracking
Significant economic benefit for Scotland can flow from lifting unconventional oil and gas exploration moratorium
UKOOG welcomes launch of public consultation in Scotland
UKOOG publishes study showing limited impact of shale gas development on countryside
UKOOG welcomes the decision by Nottingham County Council's Planning and Licensing Committee’s for a hydrocarbon wellsite in North Nottinghamshire
Scottish Government reports show economic case for unconventional gas says UKOOG
Reaction to Labour Party's decision to promote a bill to ban fracking in Scotland
Community, the trade union, joins with UKOOG to promote onshore oil and gas development
UKOOG welcomes the decision by the Secretary of State for Communities & Local Government, on hydraulic fracture wells in the Fylde area
Shale to Grangemouth
Onshore oil and gas industry welcomes consultation on Shale Wealth Fund
UK onshore oil and gas industry responds to Medact report
UK onshore oil and gas industry welcomes Committee on Climate Change report
UKOOG welcomes the award of licences in the 14th onshore round
UKOOG comment on Scottish parliament vote
UKOOG welcomes Kirby Misperton Planning Decision
Industry welcomes Planning Officer recommendation on Kirby Misperton
National College for Onshore Oil and Gas awarded £5.6 million funding
Greenpeace “Bake Off” Stunt Highlights Importance Of Gas For Cooking
New website launched to engage young people across the UK in the energy debate
Home sweet home, thanks to gas
Response to Sunday Telegraph article on the Government’s move to speed up decision making on shale gas applications
Majority of Britons think we should prioritise gas produced in the UK
UKOOG response to ReFINE report on emissions
UKOOG welcomes the final report from the Task Force on Shale Gas
UKOOG reaction to energy policy update
Leading science communication expert becomes chair of UKOOG
UKOOG welcomes third Task Force on Shale report
UKOOG welcomes the results of the 14th licensing round
UKOOG welcomes the Government’s move to speed up decision making on shale gas applications
UKOOG response to secondary legislation in the Infrastructure Act
UKOOG response to Shale Gas Task Force second interim report
UKOOG responds to publication of DEFRA report
UKOOG responds to Preston New Road planning decision
UKOOG respond's to legal advice in Preston New Road application
Onshore oil and gas industry disappointed by LCC decision
UKOOG Response to Chemtrust report on Fracking
Onshore oil and gas industry welcomes LCC planning officer's recommendation
UKOOG and GMB reach landmark agreement on shale gas
UKOOG comment on test results from Horse Hill exploration well
Onshore oil and gas industry welcomes Greenpeace poll showing support for fracking
Shale gas industry says Medact report fails to understand UK regulatory system and lacks credibility
UKOOG comment on Shale Gas Task Force Interim report and recommendations
The Royal Society and Royal Academy of Engineering recommendations: review of progress
UKOOG comment on the announcement by Scottish Government on fracking
Infrastructure Bill Report Stage
Onshore oil and gas industry rejects key conclusions of rushed Environmental Audit Committee report
LCC Planning Officer Recommendation
National College for Onshore Oil and Gas appoints Colette Cohen as first Chair
Oil and gas industry welcomes proposed Onshore Oil and Gas Transparency Programme
National College for onshore oil and gas unveiled
UKOOG welcomes the 5th assessment report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPPC)
Oil and gas industry welcomes amendments to the Infrastructure Bill
Oil and gas industry welcomes turnaround in perceptions of shale exploration
General public encouraged to ask questions about natural gas from shale
Consultation on Underground Drilling Access
New survey shows 57% of Britons support natural gas from shale
Corin Taylor comments in City A.M.
UKOOG welcomes the BGS report on shale in the Midland Belt of Scotland
UKOOG responds to Welsh Affairs Committee report on shale gas
UKOOG welcomes Government commitment to legislate on access rights in the Queen’s speech
UKOOG welcomes Government consultation on land access
UKOOG welcomes Lords’ support for the development of shale gas in the UK
Potential for £33bn investment and over 64,000 new jobs in the UK from shale gas development
ReFINE report shows that UK’s onshore oil and gas industry has the highest levels of well integrity and environmental protection
Onshore oil and gas industry welcomes the Chancellor’s commitment to skills
UKOOG Fit to Frack response
United Kingdom Onshore Oil and Gas announces next steps in the formation of its community benefits scheme
UKOOG to launch supply chain and skills study for onshore oil and gas extraction in the UK
How to engage with shale gas/hydraulic fracturing planning and permitting
UKOOG comments on publication of the regulatory roadmap for shale gas
Onshore oil and gas industry welcomes fiscal regime announced in Autumn Statement
Water UK and UKOOG to work together to minimise the impact of shale gas development on water resources in the UK
UKOOG’s reaction to Public Health England Report on the potential public health risks from shale gas production
UK Onshore Oil and Gas (UKOOG) responds to Greenpeace nationwide legal block to fracking
UKOOG Reaction to Shale Gas Study by Professor David MacKay and Dr Tim Stone
Open letter regarding Balcombe
United Kingdom Onshore Oil and Gas launches Shale Community Engagement Charter
New report shows the way for shale gas development, says the UK Onshore Operators Group
Response from UK Onshore Oil and Gas to the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee Report on “The Impact of Shale Gas on Energy Markets”
UKOOG welcomes measures announced in Budget Statement
UK Operators Publish Shale Well Guidelines
Onshore oil and gas group expands as new era begins for industry