UKOOG welcomes third Task Force on Shale report

16 September 2015

UKOOG, the onshore oil and gas trade body, welcomes the latest Task Force on Shale Report and its conclusion that natural gas from shale has a role in the energy mix as the UK moves to a greater use of renewables.

Said Ken Cronin, chief executive of UKOOG: "The onshore oil and gas industry is committed to working with the UK government on its strategy for decarbonisation and transition to a low-carbon economy to tackle climate change. We believe that British natural gas is fundamental to a robust and effective UK decarbonisation strategy.

"UKOOG supports the UK's statutory approach to climate change and commits the shale gas industry to the adoption of procedures and practices that are compatible with the UK's policies and targets. This includes working within stringent guidelines and regulations that have been defined for key aspects of industry performance (such as flaring and the minimisation of fugitive emissions) and exploring what role Carbon Capture and Storage can practically play in a decarbonisation strategy.

"UKOOG believes that the benefits of utilising domestic shale gas (in common with the benefits obtainable from other forms of domestic low-carbon technology or fuel) warrant UK-wide policies that will encourage and help markets prioritise the use of indigenous resources and technology in the pursuit of carbon reduction. This will also add to the UK's energy resilience."



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About UKOOG:

UKOOG is the representative body for the UK onshore oil and gas industry, including exploration, production and storage. The organisation's objectives are to enhance the profile of the onshore industry, promote better and more open dialogue with key stakeholders, deliver industry wide initiatives and programmes and to ensure standards in safety, the environment and operations are maintained to the highest possible level. Membership is open to all companies active in the onshore industry including those involved in the supply chain.