UKOOG welcomes the final report from the Task Force on Shale Gas

15 December 2015

UKOOG welcomes the final report from the Task Force on Shale Gas which has concluded that "shale gas can be produced safely and usefully in the UK", as well as finding that there is "no more risk to the public from fracking than other comparable industries."

Gas is integral to our life providing electricity, heating for over 80% of our homes and as a vital raw material for making products such as computers, clothing, medicines and cosmetics as well as providing fertiliser for food production.

We have already seen a significant shift to imported gas and this is set to continue. Shale gas will provide a means of addressing this and is a clear way of enhancing the UK's energy security and will help combat concerns about the security of supply.

The UK onshore oil and gas industry is committed to working with communities and enabling them to share in the economic benefits that flow from gas exploration and production sites located near to them. The industry is in the process of setting up a number of pilot schemes with respect to initial communities in which we hope to learn exactly what works for those communities involved. It is clear that this needs to be community led.

As the report concludes we now need to get on and find out how much shale gas we have beneath our feet and start building an industry that can provide thousands of highly skilled jobs across the UK as well as energy security for our country.