Greenpeace “Bake Off” Stunt Highlights Importance Of Gas For Cooking

27 April 2016

UKOOG, the representative body for UK onshore oil and gas, notes the "Bake Off" stunt taking place today in Lancashire by Greenpeace, featuring actor Emma Thompson, the actor, and her sister Sophie, who is both an actor and an author of cook books.

The Thompson sisters claim to be using wood-burning stoves and solar energy to bake cakes, but this is not the reality of baking in the UK. Around 84% of homes use gas for cooking and heating, and currently 52.3% of the UK electricity is being produced from natural gas.

A study conducted by UKOOG found that 96% of Michelin-starred restaurants in the UK said that they used gas for cooking, and Sophie Thompson, who rose to fame on the BBC's "Celebrity Masterchef", favours gas hobs in her own kitchen.

Ken Cronin, Chief Executive of UKOOG, said:

"This activity by Greenpeace only goes to show how important natural gas is to producing the food that we love to eat.

"It is ironic that a celebrity, who uses gas stoves in videos to promote her own cook books, and her sister, who described Britain as 'a cake-filled misery-laden grey old island', should want to attempt to hijack the UK's love of baking for an ill-conceived publicity stunt.

"The truth of the matter is that the UK urgently needs natural gas for cooking, as well as heating, electricity and to supply our industries, and we need to urgently develop indigenous sources of natural gas. Natural gas is the lowest carbon fossil fuel and also used in the manufacture of wind turbines and solar panels and so is key to the future as we decarbonise."


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UKOOG conducted a survey of Michelin-starred restaurants on 27 April 2016. Of the 24 UK-based restaurants which responded, 23 said they used gas for cooking. One commented; "It would be pretty difficult not to."

Sophie Thompson cooks with gas in promotional videos for her cookbook "My Family Kitchen"

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