UKOOG response to Andy Burnham's claim that he will "ban" fracking

4 January 2019

Responding to Andy Burnham's comments that he will implement a planning presumption against fracking in Greater Manchester, Ken Cronin, Chief Executive of UK Onshore Oil and Gas (UKOOG), said:

"It is disappointing to see the Mayor of Greater Manchester once again reiterate his stance against new skilled jobs and investment in the North West, especially as his remarks show a fundamental misunderstanding of the role gas has in both his region and the wider UK.

"93.5% of Greater Manchester households are connected to the gas grid, relying on it to heat their homes and to cook with. Nationally, 84% of homes are heated with gas and this vital fuel provides around 40% of our annual electricity demand. Since the early 1970s, UK oil and gas production has generated over £328 billion in UK tax revenues. In neighbouring Lancashire, shale gas development has already generated over 70 jobs, £11 million of local investment and over half a million in community funds.

"Every major forecast says that we'll still need gas into the 2050s. If we don't develop our own homegrown resource, nearly three quarters of our supply will be imported by 2035, which will be environmentally more impactful than producing it here in the UK. This means offshoring our environmental responsibilities and economic benefits to countries like Qatar and Russia."