Statement regarding the announced Government moratorium on fracking

2 November 2019

UKOOG notes the announcement today that Government are to introduce a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing.

Ken Cronin, Chief Executive of UK Onshore Oil and Gas, on behalf of the industry said:

“We have not yet seen the report from the Oil and Gas Authority and until a detailed analysis is undertaken, it is difficult to comment further.

“Hydraulic fracturing stimulation is a long-standing technology used around the world and in a number of industries, including the oil and gas, water and geothermal sectors.

“Going forward, we are fully committed to working closely with the Oil and Gas Authority and other relevant regulators to demonstrate that we can operate safely and environmentally responsibly.

“Given the size of the prize at stake - the significantly lower carbon footprint of domestic gas compared to imports and the significant investment the industry and the Government have already made - we believe this is the right approach.

“Since shale gas exploration commenced in England we have confirmed a world-class resource. Flow testing and core sampling across Lancashire and North Nottinghamshire show that our high-quality indigenous gas can reach the surface, leaving the UK with no excuse to continue importing overseas gas that generates double the emissions and provides British workers, businesses and communities with no economic benefit.

“As the Committee on Climate Change has stated, there will be a significant need for natural gas in 2050, approximately 70% of our current consumption, to meet our future demand for hydrogen.

“The Committee also reiterated in their Net Zero report something any climate change conscious Government should pay heed to: it is essential that we do not simply offshore our emissions – and environmental responsibilities – to other countries.”

Key facts:

- 50% of the UK’s gas supply is currently imported, and this figure is expected to increase to 72% by 2035 if we don’t take advantage of our indigenous shale gas resource

- 87% of British homes use gas for electricity, heat and cooking

- 2019 is set to become a record year for liquified natural gas (LNG) imports into the UK from places such as Qatar and Russia. The latest BEIS Gas Statistics release shows that in the second quarter of this year LNG imports into the UK tripled compared to 2018


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