UKOOG responds to the UK Government's British energy security strategy

7 April 2022

Commenting on the review, Charles McAllister, Director of Policy, Government and Public Affairs at UKOOG said:

"The strategy released today reasserts the critical need for natural gas in the transition to a net zero economy.

"Whilst we agree that the UK should continue to maximise North Sea oil and gas production, it should also make every effort to develop the country's onshore natural gas resources locked within the abundant Bowland Shale, which are potentially between seven and 17 times larger than the currently identified contingent offshore reserves.

"We also support the Government proposals to rapidly develop industrial clusters and hydrogen production in the UK, with natural gas being the key feedstock for blue hydrogen. The UK Government can decide to fuel these industrial clusters with imported LNG or with UK shale gas, the latter generating jobs in deprived communities, raising tax revenue, improving energy security, and levelling up the UK.

"Any failure to exploit the proven Bowland Hodder shale formation in northern England would see the UK continue to drift into increased import dependence on foreign sources.

"We look forward to the British Geological Survey's review as we strongly believe the production of shale gas in the UK can make a timely difference to our energy security."


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