UKOOG welcomes Written Ministerial Statement

22nd September 2022

Commenting on the formal lifting of the moratorium on hydraulic fracturing in England, Charles McAllister, Director of Policy, Government and Public Affairs at UKOOG said:


"UKOOG welcomes the new Written Ministerial Statement (WMS) which formally lifts the moratorium on hydraulic fracturing in England and seeks to better support the industry throughout the life cycle of development.


UK shale gas offers evident economic, environmental and geopolitical benefits not provided by a continued over-reliance on energy imports. 


The BGS report clearly states that more data collection is needed in the UK and we are ready to provide proposals to Government to do just that.


The BGS report also notes that the regulatory framework on seismicity applied to shale gas was inconsistent with wider regulation of extractive industries. It is therefore pragmatic for Government to redress this unjustified discrepancy.


UKOOG continues to support the UK’s transition to Net Zero. Every single costed Net Zero compliant scenario recognises the need for natural gas and oil throughout and at the outcome of our 2050 goal. The WMS importantly recognises that UK natural gas production has a lower carbon intensity than Liquified Natural gas imports.


The development of a UK shale gas industry, amongst other technologies, provides a credible path for the UK to become an energy exporter by 2040, following on from 2021 where the UK produced the least amount of energy in over 50 years.


We look forward to constructive engagement with the Government and local communities to ensure timely shale gas development in the national interest."




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