UKOOG calls out Labour hypocrisy on fracking

19th October 2022


Commenting on the motion being brought before Parliament today by the Labour party, Charles McAllister, Director at UK Onshore Oil and Gas said:

“The British public should be outraged that one of the major political parties in the UK is trying to outlaw a critical form of energy that would brings jobs and investment, as well as boosting energy security and reducing bills let alone keep the lights on and homes heated in the years to come."


“The nakedly hypocritical anti fracking position from Labour is ignorant of reality and of our recognised need for natural gas for decades. If we do not produce more natural gas in the UK, we will be locked into reliance on carbon intensive and expensive LNG imports from abroad, namely from the shale gas fields in America or from the petro-state Qatar. Labour are reportedly boycotting an invitation to the World Cup in Qatar for human rights reasons, but seem happy to continue spending tens of billions to buy their energy, and are content for us to use shale gas, as long as it isn’t produced in the UK.” 


“This is not a renewables versus shale debate. We urgently need to deploy every technology and energy source to meet and continue to meet our domestic demand."


“Our question to the Labour party remains unanswered; what is their alternative gas supply plan in the absence of increases in domestic natural gas production, and what is their assessment of the economic, environmental and geopolitical implications of that plan?”




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